Predicting bestselling books 

based on AI

78% Bestseller hit rate

With a hit rate of 78%, the software recognizes bestsellers from a mass of submitted texts.

60 seconds

Within just 60 seconds, the software analyzes hundreds of pages and exposes the results.


The approach of an objective analysis of belletristic manuscripts based on artificial intelligence is unique

The QualiFiction features

QualiFiction LiSA Topic Analysis

Topic analysis

Is "love" or "crime" the predominant topic of the text? QualiFiction evaluates the information that is relevant.

QualiFiction LiSA

Sentiment analysis

Is it a gentle summer reading or a nerve-racking thriller? Does the text have a happy ending or is it dark? QualiFiction tells it at a glance.

QualiFiction LiSA

Linguistic style 

How complex or simple is the language of the text? Do readers prefer reading books written in complex style or in a simple narrative style? QualiFiction finds the right text.


Does the book fit into a publishing house and has the potential to reach a mass audience, or is the book more suitable for a niche?


QualiFiction LiSA Media Coverage
QualiFiction LiSA The Intelligence behind

The Intelligence behind 

Not only has the way of writing changed and improved over time. Even the texts themselves can today be viewed with particular care and insights from previous publications are drawn for the future.
Our software has been trained on many thousands of texts and then programmed to recognize book successes. Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), our software establishes a connection between the insights gained from existing texts and their sales and bestseller ranking. This relationship is applied to new manuscripts and a
quantitative assessment of success is determined.

QualiFiction LiSA The advantages

The advantages

Our bestseller hit rate is already 78% - and steadily getting better.

The software has already been used by several major publishers, was trained by many of thousands of texts and has proven its success .

QualiFiction LiSA Who we are

Who we are 


Ralf Winkler, with a Phd in Applied Maths, was Data Science Executive and AI Expert at Zalando, Germany’s biggest e-commerce firm before he co-founded QualiFiction with Gesa in 2017.

Gesa Schöning is a cultural scientist and created and launched successfully 2 startups. She has great contacts to the publishing world and management and selling experience.

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